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Through our innovative and qualitative services, we want to secure our Client’s health & safety and contribute to our Client’s overall well-being.

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Leading Specialist in AC Repair & AC Duct Cleaning Service

Royal Trust Line Technical Services (RTLTS) is your go-to provider for comprehensive home maintenance solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From AC repair and duct cleaning to painting, tiling, electricity, and plumbing services, our skilled team offers a range of expert services. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we deliver efficient and reliable solutions for all your home maintenance needs. Contact RTLTS today for professional and trusted service.

Our philosophy is simple, WHATEVER WE DO, WE DO IT RIGHT!

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Our Technicians regularly undertake professional trainings and certifications, to provide our Clients with an Outstanding service!

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Call us and schedule Emergency Repair Service We guarantee punctuality and quality service.

At Royal Trust Line Technical Services, we are trusted experts in providing comprehensive technical services. With a focus on efficient service delivery, our skilled team is equipped with a toolbox of expertise to meet your needs. Choose us for reliable and professional solutions.

Whatever we do, we do it RIGHT

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Benefits of AC Duct Cleaning

AC Duct Cleaning duration varies based on vent size and AC system. Typically, it takes 2-5 hours for 2 technicians to clean a standard-sized apartment (approx. 2000 sq. ft.). You usually don’t need to vacate during the service. However, if someone is allergic to dust and pollutants, it’s best they stay away. Contact your service company for more information.

We’ll cover and wrap your furniture, floor, and walls with plastic, leaving your apartment clean and tidy. Our services utilize certified, high-quality equipment and machinery.

We exclusively use NADCA and Dubai Municipality certified products and equipment. Our non-toxic organic disinfectant cleaners are safe and effective for all AC systems, ensuring fresher air, healthier air quality, and peace of mind for you.

Experience healthier breathing, cleaner indoor air quality, dust-free home interiors, improved health, increased AC efficiency, and potential savings on utility bills with our services.


What Clients are Saying

Veronique Schweizer
Veronique Schweizer
I can recommend 100% Royal Trust Line. Very reliable, fast, clean and competitive. Nicolai, the owner, explains very well the problems and the potential solutions, what I really appreciate. They made the AC and plumbing renovation in my restaurant when I bought it 2 years ago. They come now for the regular cleaning and maintenance of the AC and for other maintenance or works needed and in their field of activity (plumbing, etc.). They also replaced my water heater with a very good quality appliance. Thank you very much !
Gillian Quinn
Gillian Quinn
Such an incredibly professional company with superb service! I highly recommend them from the start. Best around!
Nick has been very responsive & agile. Reliable & accountable. Stays on top of things to ensure all is done and thorough. Full deep cleaned! Highly recommend.
Stanislav Dimitrov
Stanislav Dimitrov
Really trustful company. Loyal and competitive quotations and professional services. Fast and clean execution. Everything done in time and with due competence, with guarantee. Real feedback and discussion on the problem and potential solutions. Top management. Rare combination on the market. I really recommend their services!!!
Lindi Liversage
Lindi Liversage
Honestly the best investment we could’ve made for our family. We did the AC duck cleaning service. The team was very professional and extremely thorough. On top of it they have an in-house maintenance team which is extremely helpful for those unseen, inside the roof problems. I was very surprised by the fact that there is a big difference between AC maintenance and AC cleaning and what was extremely helpful was that the team were explaining the effects it has on our health. I would highly recommend Royal Trust Line as they do go the extra mile for client and customer service which is extremely rare in any other AC and maintenance company.
Irina Borovkova
Irina Borovkova
Very professional, accurate, responsible and polite team! I requested AC deep cleaning and AC tubes repair in 1BR. Service is excellent! they provide very detailed report of all the works with before/after photos. I had been impressed. Now my AC is doing its job as never before so I use it less. Definitely will recommend 👍
Татьяна Чарнецкая
Татьяна Чарнецкая
Brilliant service! Good quality for the fair price. Highly recommend
Lilia Grebneva
Lilia Grebneva
Thank you very much for the extremely professional work!
Vladimir Davidov
Vladimir Davidov
Guys are very responsive and professional — they managed to come a day earlier, than initially promised and finished work in a day, instead of two. Air quality improved substantially after. They also cleaned the apartment after themselves, so that I have not seen any traces of their presence after. Will certainly recommend them to all my friends and colleagues and will use their services again! They are the best you can find — I had experience with other companies, which would just come over to wash AC filters under the running water and charge me a fortune. These guys went all the way with taking out motors, cleaning coils etc.

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