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Comparison of Air Duct: One half of the image shows a duct with accumulated dust, mold, and particulates, while the other half showcases a clean and well-maintained duct.
AC Duct Cleaning

When we clean air ducts, we use advanced technology that cleans the dust and other pollutants accumulated inside, so that the indoor air that you and your family breath is crystal clean.


The same air is cycled through your AC system 5 – 7 times a day. When this happens, dust, mold and particulates in the ducts become part of the air you and your family breathe.

AC Maintenance

We are the team of experienced professionals whose number one priority is the complex client’s satisfaction when something is out of its normal way of work.

Technician performing an inspection and maintenance check on an air conditioning unit, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
Coil Cleaning

Advancements in technology and design have helped to make coil cleaning easier and less time-consuming. The equipment lends itself to increased portability for smaller spaces.

With all the moisture around the evaporator coil, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Overall, the benefits of clean coils include energy savings, maximum heat transfer, system longevity and improved air quality.

Professional technician conducting coil cleaning on an air conditioning unit, utilizing specialized tools and equipment.
Technician using bio disinfection methods to clean and sanitize air ducts, promoting improved indoor air quality.
Bio Disinfection

Disinfectants are antimicrobial agents that are applied to the surface of non-living objects to destroy microorganisms that are living on the objects.

AC disinfectant treatment is necessary to avoid foul smell from AC vents and keep the environment your home clean and hygienic

BENEFITS: Elimination of dust, dirt and microbial contaminants. Removal of bad odor and breeding of bacteria and microbes.

Health and Safety

Safety is a pioneer in infection control, and we utilize our very own Solution line of mobile  containment units on every job to ensure the dust and debris in your air ducts is not distributed throughout the building.

Our objectives and commitment towards fulfilling this policy are to concentrate on the elimination of risks to persons, as a first priority, then on risk reduction, prevention of injury and loss due to damage.

Technology & Products

Rotobrush Duct Cleaning Machine: A specialized machine designed for efficient and effective cleaning of air ducts, removing dust, debris, and contaminants.
Envirocon Bio Cleaning Product: A bottle or packaging of Envirocon, a trusted bio cleaning solution for effective and eco-friendly cleaning purposes.
Duct Cleaning Brush: A specialized brush designed for effective cleaning of air ducts, removing dust and debris for improved air quality.
Rotobrush and Bio Disinfection Machine: An image showcasing the combination of a Rotobrush duct cleaning machine and a bio disinfection device, highlighting comprehensive cleaning and sanitization capabilities.

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